Exhibition season is getting into swing, but have you thought about the most effective ways of displaying your message on your stand? Many companies – especially those in the business to business sector – are using motion graphics on plasma screens at trade fairs and exhibitions. We recently produced such a video for Aon. See it here

You don’t necessarily need an HD disk player or Blu-Ray to get a full HD display either. Many displays come with a built-in USB socket, allowing you to run the video from a memory stick or flash drive.

At Grafix Production, we produce lots of passive video display material for just such events. It’s a major step up from those boring Powerpoints, with full motion video, exciting graphics and animation. What’s more, you can utilise the same video sequences in your presentaions after the event.

So for full HD video graphics at 1080p, 1080i or 720p, give Basingstoke graphic designers, Grafix Production a call.