This is Grafix Production. A production and design company based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. We produce beautiful things.

Grafix Production? Never heard of them.

We are primarily a video production, photography and graphic design company based in Basingstoke, with over 25 years experience creating cutting edge, innovative and creative solutions for a broad range of clients. We use video, photography and thoughtful design to both meet, and exceed our clients’ expectations. Coming from an agency background, but with client-side experience, we can produce an effective design strategy across the whole mix.

For a full range of services, see this link.

In addition, using a combination of in-house skills together with a hand-picked team of talented, independent professionals, we can cover a vast array of disciplines. We have limited overheads by structuring the business in this way, and so we can provide this range of services at the best prices to you.

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