Grafix Production has a new image processing service. If you have existing photography which needs to be cut out, maybe placed on a white or transparent background, we can help.

This sort of work generally falls into 2 categories:

Clipping Paths

This is the technique used to isolate an image from the background, whereby a path is physically (and manually) drawn around the object. It is used for cutting out images of products for compositing into different backgrounds, including plain white backgrounds. The path produces a crisp, hard edge, so it’s suitable for products with hard edges.


Transparency Masks

Products with less defined edges (such as furry items), animals, people etc., cannot be isolated from their background using a clipping path. Normally, these kinds of item have a selection mask, allowing them to have new backgrounds applied. The difference is due to these kinds of objects having semi-transparent edges – areas of hair for example, allow some of the background to show through.

We would generally supply this sort of image with a transparent background, as either a 24-bit PNG file, or as a Photoshop document. This would give the most flexibility with the image.


New Backgrounds

We can optionally add a new, artificial background, which can include shadows and/or reflections. This can sometimes help to “ground” the item, preventing it from looking as if it is floating in mid air.

Fixed Price Cutouts

We have a fixed price for creating cutouts, whether they are complex clipping paths or transparency masks. However, we do offer a bulk discount rate as follows:
1 image : £12.00
2-10 images : £11.00
11-50 images : £9.50
50-200 images : £8.50
200+ images : £7.50
We offer fast turnaround and FTP upload/download of your images.