Viral Video Production


“I want to go viral…”

We get asked about viral video production almost every day. Many clients want to make videos that ‘go viral’, however, there are no guarantees that video will be watched and more importantly, shared. Here at Grafix Production, we understand that the most unusual or original ideas are those that work best. Add to that the beautiful videography we create, and a great edit, the success of your video is much more likely.

This is one of a new series of viral videos for top gadget insurer, Protect your bubble.

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Video Packages


Introducing our new Video Packages

Video production for your company and/or website often fits into a simple, easy-to-budget package. So here at Grafix Production, we have devised a structured package deal system, so you will have a pretty good idea what your costs will be for a basic video project. Obviously, we cannot include certain extras – these packages are not designed to be fixed price solutions, but for the majority of productions, these costs will serve as quite an accurate guide.

Filming Only

With this option, you buy filming with a 2-person film crew in half-day amounts. We provide the unedited footage on disk, or via the internet. The film crew would comprise a single HD camera and sound recordist.

Cost £550

Presenter 2-5 mins

This package consists of a 2-person crew, an autocue, and a half-day filming. We will edit the footage and provide a finished presentation video.

Cost £960

Interview – One camera 3-6 mins

This option includes an interview with an off-camera interviewer asking pre-prepared questions. Our director will work with you before filming begins to get the right feel for the questions. The session will normally last half a day.

Cost £1035

Interview – Two cameras & B-roll 5-10 mins

A more professional feel to this interview technique is achieved by having two cameras during the interview, and our Producer/Director will ask the interviewee questions. We will also try to capture “b-roll” footage of the location, which, once edited, will give a really professional finish to the production. Again, this should take no longer than half a day.

Cost £1250

Company Promo/Showcase 3-5 mins

This package consists of a day filming at your company location, interviews, B-roll footage, a voiceover, suitable music, all edited to produce a professional, high quality HD video showcasing your company. The crew will consist of 3 people, using minimally 2 cameras. We will work with you beforehand to create a storyboard and/or script.

Cost £2250

Guerilla Filmmaking



Here at Grafix Production, we are experts in getting the best results with minimal planning, minimal cost and maximum speed. Because we are a small, efficient production unit, we can be in and out quickly, with no fuss, no disruption and very low overheads.

That’s what makes us good at what we do.

We can shoot and edit a 3 minute video for your business in under 2 days. That means you could have a result for less that £1000. Call us now to find out just how quickly you could see a great result.

Corporate Video


Getting your corporate message across, of trying to explain a complex proposition or business idea can sometimes be a challenge in itself. Adding a professionally produced video to your website is often the best way to do this, and can help your audience understand far more than just words and pictures.

Typically, a corporate video on your website will increase online sales, drive calls to action and increase contact enquiries. In addition, it will improve online engagement, extend the time on site, reduce bounce rate and increase page views.

Below is a video we recently created that explains a little about one particular company, its values and the overall proposition, explained very eloquently by the company’s CEO.

Video Kit List


We can pretty much cover off all requirements with the kit we have available, but sometimes, a shoot needs something extra. We don’t have a Russian Arm, (would be cool though), but we have the right kind of kit to make your production stand out.



  • Sony PMW-200 EBU compliant (50Mbps 4:2:2)
  • Canon XF305 (Also EBU compliant)
  • Sony EX1R x 2 (+ extra EX1 if required) full HD
  • 2 x Canon 5Dii x 2 + 1.4 & 1.8 50mm + 3.5 28-300mm (with Magic Lantern)
  • GoPro x2


  • Manfrotto tripods + video heads
  • 6m Track & Dolly kit
  • 18ft Jib (can be combined with the T&D for extra flexibility
  • Steadicam


  • Off camera 4 track H4N x 2 (8 mixable tracks on location) + mixer
  • Matched pair of Pure1 condenser mikes
  • Rode NTG-2 boom kit with furries
  • 2 x Sony lavalier radio mike kit
  • Location mixer Xenyx 1204 USB

Extra bits

  • Autocue system (NEW!)


  • 3 x 1000w tungsten Redheads
  • PagLight
  • 3x 500w output tube panels

On location post:

  • MacBook Pro editing kit for field editing: FCP + Avid MC + Premier + AE


Interstitials, bumpers, idents, virals and more



With experience in a wide range of filming styles and techniques, and a large resource of talent available, Grafix Production can produce interstitials for broadcast, web shorts, virals and mini documentaries. We have 3D modeling and rendering facilities to make your idents and logo stings stand out; we can make stylish, animated motion graphic bumpers for your own productions, and even to give your Powerpoints the edge.

Call us to find out how we can get all this done at an amazing price.

See our showreel, or check out more video stuff here.

Multi Camera Shoot


Hampshire-based production company Grafix Production has the capability to put together a talented crew for multi-camera shoots, using either pro video or DSLR equipment. We recently filmed a series of comedy training modules.

Multi Camera Crew

Filming with 6 actors and 4 crew, together with the client and scriptwriter during one long day, our team worked flawlessly and efficiently to give the client fantastic full HD footage. Currently being edited using the latest FCPX tools, with titles and motion graphics created using After Effects CS6.

Watch this space for links to the finished footage (and maybe a few outtakes).


Gear Update – New grip from Grafix Production


NEW! Production and filming grip, at no extra charge!

Grafix Production has just invested another £3,000 in some more bits and pieces to give our video productions that extra edge. We have the following kit available:

  • 18ft, 360 degree jib
  • 6 metres of track and dolly
  • Full HD off camera broadcast monitor

Utilising these with our full 1080p Canon 5D and Sony Z5 cameras gives us the ability to make your productions stand out from the crowd. We can use the new grip independently, or combine the jib and the dolly for some fantastic shots. What’s more, these techniques are available to you at no additional charge, saving you up to £600 a day in hire fees!

Call us today to see just how inexpensively we can work miracles! Or contact us here

Coming Soon: Tiffen Steadicam Pilot – Watch this space!


Chroma Key


Effective Chromakeying


5 ways to use video on your website



It’s not all about sales. Yes, sales are a massive part of your business, but you should be thinking about online video as something more than just a sales tool.

1. Video FAQs

You could think of your top ten FAQs and include a recording of the answer, either in person of graphically, using motion graphics techniques, or even a combination of both!

2. Product Demonstrations

These are like mini TV ads on your site, showing off your products and services.

3. Video Blogs

If you regularly want to communicate with your customers – maybe you use Twitter already as part of your business, then why not start a video blog?

4. Tutorials

Perhaps you sell a product or service that needs further explanation, or maybe there are new ways to use your products. It’s a great idea to use video to demonstrate and teach.

5. Explain complex concepts

Some business concepts can be quite complicated to explain using just words and pictures. Sometimes, a little animation, or some footage of your concept in practice can get the message understood quickly and succinctly.

Why you should have video on your website


Website Video – A “no-brainer”?

The first place that your potential customers look to find out about your company is your website. Your site is a reflection of your business, and should show your company in the best possible light. Your business must appear professional, approachable, and friendly.

More and more companies are featuring video on their websites to enhance their message and engage their audience. This has the effect of converting more visitors into customers. Not only that, but search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo see sites that contain rich media such as video as premium sites, offering their users and visitors a better, richer and altogether more useful experience, and thus will rank the site higher, increasing the chances of appearing on the first page of search results.

3 reasons why you should consider video on your website

1. It shows that yours is a forward thinking company.

If your website visitors see that you are a forward thinking organisation – someone who uses the latest technology to enhance an augment their visit, they are more likely to respect what you do, share with their friends and ultimately become a customer. Their friends might do too.

2. It adds a personal touch.

If you can talk directly to your visitors in a friendly and engaging way, to make a connection which is impossible to do otherwise. Some people don’t feel comfortable talking directly to a camera, there are several techniques we use to alleviate this problem, such as using an interviewer off camera to ask questions, or using case studies or testimonials.

3. It adds insight.

Video allows you to quickly demonstrate your products and services to your audience. Sometimes, a “how to” or demonstration video can do the work of pages of text and graphics. Furthermore, this allows you to cultivate an ongoing relationship with your customers by encouraging return visits to view tutorials, updates, new products etc.

Video on your website is a very powerful sales and marketing tool. It gives you the means to market your products and services, enrich your website visitors’ experience, and is shows that your company is forward-thinking, innovative, and ahead of your competition.

Grafix Production can help you make to most of website video

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10 reasons why your website should include video



With bandwidth and speed restrictions rapidly becoming a thing of the past (for most of us in business), websites are now more able to cope with high bandwidth features, like video streaming and Web 2.0. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider video for your company website:

  1. Video puts your message in a nutshell
  2. Video sells your ideas better than being there
  3. Video is expected by your customers
  4. Video is accessible to your customers
  5. Video can go viral, making your customers spread the word
  6. Video leads to more sales enquiries
  7. Video is used by your competition
  8. Video is easy, if you come to Grafix Production
  9. Video costs much less than you might think
  10. Video gives your customers more confidence in you

To find out more about how Grafix Production can help you create affordable, high quality video for your website, call us now on 01256 835555 or drop us a line. See our contact page for more details, and view our showreel here.