Interstitials, bumpers, idents, virals and more



With experience in a wide range of filming styles and techniques, and a large resource of talent available, Grafix Production can produce interstitials for broadcast, web shorts, virals and mini documentaries. We have 3D modeling and rendering facilities to make your idents and logo stings stand out; we can make stylish, animated motion graphic bumpers for your own productions, and even to give your Powerpoints the edge.

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Multi Camera Shoot


Hampshire-based production company Grafix Production has the capability to put together a talented crew for multi-camera shoots, using either pro video or DSLR equipment. We recently filmed a series of comedy training modules.

Multi Camera Crew

Filming with 6 actors and 4 crew, together with the client and scriptwriter during one long day, our team worked flawlessly and efficiently to give the client fantastic full HD footage. Currently being edited using the latest FCPX tools, with titles and motion graphics created using After Effects CS6.

Watch this space for links to the finished footage (and maybe a few outtakes).