There is no better way of showing off your pub or restaurant in all its glory that posting a video on your website.

Your customers will know immediately whether yours is the kind of restaurant or pub that they would like to visit. What’s more, if the video is professionally produced, showing all the best features, mouthwatering food, and even the cleanliness of your kitchens, then the ratio of potential visitors goes up, and so do your profits. What’s more, a website with video ranks considerably higher with the search engines.

Think of it as being your own commercial, your chance to shout from the rooftops about how good your food is.

Basingstoke-based video production company, Grafix Production will ensure the video we produce for you will be perfect, and with a full end-to-end production facility, we can storyboard, script, shoot, edit and host your video for a surprisingly affordable price. Prices from as little as £250!

Call us today on 01256 835555 for a no-obligation chat about how video will increase your profits.

Here is a recently produced video for The Hinds Head, one of Heston Blumenthal’s restaurants.